Lisa Stark


Human Design Sessions

Foundation Session - The truth of your energy type, how you're designed to best make decisions, life path dynamics, what gifts/strengths stand out in your chart, and what beliefs and behavioral patterns most likely show up in your life and relationships.

Connection Sessions - Your chart and another; partner, child, parent, sibling, business partner, team member, etc. What dynamics likely show up in the connection, how best to understand the other without loosing yourself in the process.

Pattern Disruption Sessions - We dive deeper into the patterns and believes accumulated over a lifetime that may or may not be yours and walk through practical ways to shift the story and disrupt the pattern or belief you are locked in.

Business Leadership/Career Sessions Double down on your strengths. Excel and succeed without burnout. Where might your gifts help you on your individual road to success. Explore team dynamics. 

Customized Sessions - Lets dig into what's currently active in your life and energy at this time!

Coaching - If you are looking for a deeper dive into yourself than a single session can give, or would like support in radically changing your perspective on what's possible in your life, let's customize a package that supports your growth.
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