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I'm Lisa, a certified Human Design coach, personal growth, and self-leadership mentor...AND I'm thrilled you're here!

I have 20+ years in corporate leadership, guiding people and teams through change, thinking outside the box, and translating visions and potential into actual results.

I'm a wife and mom to two amazing young men; including one on the Spectrum... my life is an adventure for sure!  

Where all of these worlds intersect is where my view of life and what I believe is possible for all of us comes into unique focus.  

I'm here to help you re-discover who you are, untangle yourself from external conditioning, and write and empowered life story.

I use Human Design and my experience as a coach and leader to help you:

~~Get clear on your internal hardwiring and how to stop working against yourself 

~~Uncover patterns holding you back and how to interrupt and redirect them

~~Shift your mindset and embrace your differentiation

~~Discover your specific gifts and how to use them in life and business

~~Understand relationship, teams and parenting dynamics

All areas of our lives impact and influence each other. Personal, relational, and business...each is only as strong as the whole.

Working with me you can expect a fresh perspective on what's challenging you.  We'll dig deep, get clear on what needs to shift, trouble shoot, take practical action, and then walk you into the next highest version of yourself.  You'll leave with a deeper understanding of yourself, empowered to move through your life and business with greater confidence. 


>> Lisa

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